5 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks You Need To Be Following To Instantly Look Younger

Anke Neustadt

A solid skincare routine can help your complexion age gracefully, but makeup is one of the best tools in your arsenal for looking younger and more vibrant instantly, no matter how old you are. Having a skillful approach to the application of your makeup can have a significant anti-aging effect on your appearance, and there are a number of valuable tips you can integrate into your beauty regimen that will elevate your best features and allow you to show off your youthful glow. 

We spoke with celebrity makeup artist, Nydia Figueroa who provided her top five tips for looking younger with the help of makeup, so you can look and feel like your best and most confident self at any age.

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Skincare Prep is Key

Not only is a well-rounded skincare routine essential for keeping signs of aging at bay underneath your makeup, but it also functions as a base for applying your product smoothly and evenly. “Using anti-aging products will not only help with brightening, tightening and hydration, but it is so important to use skincare and priming products before application,” explains Figueroa. “You want to make sure that makeup is not going on top of dehydrated skin because it will accentuate texture and effect longevity.”

Applying makeup to dry skin will only make fine lines and wrinkles more apparent, and dry patches will appear worse than before. Therefore, using a thick moisturizer as a base will make all the difference for giving a natural glow under your foundation. 

Less is More

Caking on skincare products can be tempting to help mask your natural texture, but the idea that less is more may actually enhance your complexion and allow you to look younger and healthier. “When it comes to makeup, the worst thing you can do when applying foundation or concealer on mature skin is using full coverage especially with matte formulas,” says Figueroa. “You want to keep the coverage sheer, use concealer where it’s needed and use powder only where needed.”

Matte finishes can make your face look dull and overdone, so using a light touch on face makeup products will illuminate your best features without causing your foundation to look heavy and garish. 




Strategic Placement Makes a Difference

Creating a lifted and sculpted look with your makeup can help to reduce the appearance of drooping or sagging skin, in turn allowing you to look younger. Eyeshadow is one of the best products for doing so as it can make your eyes look brighter and more awake, in turn adding some youth to your skin. “Many women worry about using eyeshadow as they age because it may appear heavy on their eye shape but if you place a taupe or warm eyeshadow shadow just on the lash line and blend up, this will add depth without overwhelming your eyes,” suggests Figueroa. 

She also recommends utilizing matte shadows to highlight the brow bone for an extra lift of the eye area, and applying a highlight to your inner corners for a brightening effect as well. As for the application of blush to your cheeks, placing it closer to the temples will naturally create the illusion of a face lift.

Use a Bright Lip Color

You may be inclined to steer clear of brighter lip colors as you age, but Figueroa explains that utilizing a bold shade on your lips can actually make you look younger and add some intrigue to your appearance. “A pop of color always looks beautiful and adds a youthful appeal to the face. Shades of mauve or plum are beautiful because there is a bit of purple in those colors which will brighten up a sallow complexion,” she notes. 

If you’re still skeptical about using colors that are too vibrant, try a toned-down mauve or brighter pink to ease into this look without fully committing. 

Channel Voluminous Lashes

Bold and thick lashes are one of the best indicators of youth, so investing in a good eyelash curler and mascara duo can make all the difference in how old you look. “Lashes always amp up any look, but especially when you focus on adding volume to the lashes. It will frame your eye shape with minimal effort,” explains Figueroa. Drawing attention to your eyes will make them appear wider and more awake, and that doe-eyed effect will effortlessly evoke a youthful vibe while highlighting your features.

5 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks You Need To Be Following To Instantly Look Younger

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