A test of ‘next gen medicines’ has been developed in an IU lab

Anke Neustadt

How much does a molecule weigh? Well, that depends. Molecules, like people, come in various shapes and sizes.

That difference in size can mean a lot for researchers in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry. Molecular weight is a key component to manufacturing — it can actually be used to determine how effective a pharmaceutical drug is.

“Probably the single most important piece of information that you can get (from a mass) is its molecular weight — How big is it? How heavy is it? Mass spectrometry is a very accurate way of measuring the masses of molecules,” distinguished IU professor Martin Jarrold said. 

Jarrold and fellow IU chemistry professor David Clemmer are the founders of Megadalton Solutions, a start-up company whose technology has made a big splash in the measurement field.


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