Christie Brinkley, 68, Says ‘Gratitude’ Helps Her Age Gracefully: ‘Forget Anti-Aging’

Anke Neustadt
  • Christie Brinkley shared how gratitude helps her age gracefully.

  • “When you find something to be grateful about in whatever situation you’re in, and wherever you may find yourself, that translates to happiness,” she said.

  • The 68-year-old former supermodel is encouraged by the ongoing societal shift that encourages women to embrace the years as they come.

Christie Brinkley does more than post beachy swimsuit pics every now and then—she makes sure to share her thoughts on everything from aging to family time (she loves to twin with her daughter, Sailor) on social media. In fact, her Instagram bio says a lot about her: “Life is beautiful!” it reads. “Everyday is a gift to celebrate!” That mantra, and more specifically, “gratitude,” she told People, is what keeps her spirit forever young. And she hopes others can tap into the same mindset—and “forget anti-aging” altogether.

“It all has to do with your spirit and the energy that you deliver, that you bring into the room with you. That’s what is going to define you,” she said. “Forget anti-aging this and all of that. It’s really about gratitude.”

It may sound simple and sure, a little abstract, but it works, according to Brinkley. And given her ever-beaming smile and positive outlook, she has to be on to something.

“When you find something to be grateful about in whatever situation you’re in, and wherever you may find yourself, that translates to happiness,” she added. “And happiness and good energy that you can share with other people.”

The supermodel has learned a lot throughout her decades-long career in the beauty industry, and she’s glad to see the stigma attached to aging, slowly but surely, begin to fade away. Some might call her 1970s Sports Illustrated covers her “prime,” but the 68-year-old begs to differ.

“When I came into this business, it was a very narrow idea of what was beautiful,” she recalled, adding that age has always been “pretty hard to sell.” But that’s changing.

“I think ageism is one of the last frontiers,” she explained. “We have been constantly expanding our ideas of beauty and opening our arms to embrace all shapes and sizes and ethnicities and preferences.”

This isn’t the first time Brinkley has shared her wise musings about getting older. In a lengthy February Instagram post, she declared that the “constant categorizing of women by age, making us feel like we are approaching some exponential expiration date, gnaws away at one’s confidence.”

She added that aging gracefully shouldn’t be about a look, but a feeling. “Looking good is a by-product of feeling great and showing up in the world with a heart full of good intentions, and good energy!” she wrote.

It’s also about not allowing age to get in the way of doing whatever you set your mind to. “Women of every age belong everywhere they feel like being, and we can do whatever we set our minds to,” she added. “We may not always succeed or win, But we’re old enough to learn from our mistakes and keep growing and evolving so we are a force to be reckoned with.”

“There are a million older and wiser women out there reshaping and rebranding the numbers,” she concluded. “The 50’s 60’s 70’s and beyond just ain’t what they used to be‼️❤️ ”

And some of that change can be credited to Brinkley herself.

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