Fun Activities To Do In Jamaica

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Ocho Rios, or sometimes also known as Ochi is a city in the Saint Ann Parish region, Jamaica. The name Ocho Rios itself means 8 rivers. These tourist attractions are indeed so interesting that every year as many as thousands of tourists visit the tourist area of ​​Ocho Rios. Be it by using air transportation, cruise ships or by motorized vehicles.

This makes Ocho Rios one of the top tourist areas on the island. There are lots of star hotels, white sand beaches that are so beautiful and gorgeous, as well as fun attractions in this place.

If you are thinking of visiting Ocho Rios, then it is a very interesting idea to do. Because there really are a lot of things to do in Jamaica. To find out what these activities are, the following will be briefly reviewed.

What Are Fun Activities in Jamaica?

  1. Playing ATVS

When you vacation in this place, you can find the rainy area of ​​Jamaica. Here there is a lot of fun that you can get, such as riding a skate explorer chair that will take visitors to the park area.

Furthermore, from there you can enjoy bobsledding, zip lining, or slide on an unlimited waterslide in the swimming pool. As for being able to watch all that while admiring the views of the cruise ship harbor in Ocho Rios and the sea which is so amazing.

In this place there are also reggae rock climbing, Ragga Caves and chairlift rides. Most of these activities you can enjoy by paying for a complete package. And what is highly recommended for visitors is to ride ATVS in Jamaica. Of course it is an experience not to be missed while you are in Jamaica.

  2. Dolphin Bay

Another fun activity that is also highly recommended to do in Ocho Rios is swim with dolphins in Jamaica. A water park located in Ocho Rios is a meeting place between dolphins, sharks and also Stingrays.

In this place, you will be able to see dolphins up close and you will immediately jump into the water, swim with them and interact with these exotic animals. For the choice of swimming activities in this place you will be presented with various options, namely you can swim with one dolphin or later you can go to the Royal Swim section.

Where in the Royal Swim visitors will be able to swim with 2 dolphins at once. For each option to swim with dolphins in Jamaica, of course, there are different prices.

Not only that, in this beautiful place you can hike along the jungle trail. You will be taken to explore the Pirate Village, interacting with such charming land animals as iguanas and parrots.

The facilities provided by tourist attractions are very adequate, for example in this place you will find restaurants, beaches, swimming pools and also free wi-fi. You can feel all the excitement and enjoy it when you visit Ocho Rios Jamaica.

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