How to look younger: Anti-ageing neck routine to ‘eradicate’ sagging jowls

Anke Neustadt

Experts have created a bespoke neck yoga routine shared exclusively with Philippa from Luminous Face Yoga teamed up with Prai Beauty, creators of award-winning anti-aging products, to create the face yoga method. Follow the eight steps below to breathe new life back into your neck and turn back the clock. But, what is face yoga, and how does it work?

Katy Eccles, Education Director at Prai Beauty, said: “Stress, tension, and repeated facial expressions can lead to deeper set lines and wrinkles as we age.

“Adding the face and neck yoga massage moves into your daily routine not only helps stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system it can also help soften and relax your face and neck muscles leading to a softer smoother appearance to the skin.

“By working the often neglected, smaller neck muscles, with simple easy to use on go yoga moves you can improve tech necks, eradicate jawline slouches and help create a firmer more streamlined neckline with no special equipment and just a few minutes of your time each day.

“Always prep the skin first with a serum or cream.”

The expert from Prai reccommends the Prai Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème.

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Anti-aging neck routine

Step one: Cleanse the skin

Step two: Use Prai’s Ageless Superboost Capsules

Step three: Apply a serum liberally to avoid dragging on the skin

Step four: Chin massage

Place the thumbs under the chin and hook your index finger on the front of the chin.

Move the index fingers in a figure of eight for about 20 seconds.

Benefits: This is to release tension in the chin area, which will help relax the lower face.

Step seven: Smiling jaw tone

Wrap both sets of teeth with both lips. Smile towards the bottom of the ears. Place fingertips on either side of the mouth and smooth the skin slowly towards the ears to a count of five. Hold for another five seconds.

BENEFITS: This tones and strengthens jawline and jowls. It smooths skin around the mouth, Working muscles of the lower face.

Step eight: Cooldown – jaw stretch and tone

1. Turn head to the right at 45 degrees

2. Pucker the mouth to push the lips to the right really hard

3. Hold for 10 seconds

4. Turn the face to the left, and pucker the lips hard to left.

Benefits: Feel the stretch and tone on the opposite jawline, neck, and shoulder. If you feel it in the side you are looking at, release it and start again.

Step nine: Hydrate with a moisturiser

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