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Anke Neustadt

Maheep Kapoor is trying to get back to her yoga routine. The actor, wife of Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor shared a set of pictures of her yoga diaries on her Instagram profile a day back and made us swoon. Maheep hardly shares snippets from her workout diaries on her Instagram profile. Her Instagram profile is otherwise replete with pictures and videos of her personal life – her family and friends. Maheep also loves to go back in time and enjoy a trip down the memory lane once in a while. The actor keeps making her Instagram family drool with major blasts from the past – be it her own pictures, or that of her family and friends.

A day back, Maheep shared two pictures of herself engrossed in two different exercise routine right in her living room. The actor added that she is getting back to her yoga practice and this is how she is doing it. Maheep, in one of the pictures, can be seen acing a side plank with a variation. She can be seen positioning her body sideways and balancing it on her one palm and her one foot with her other arm stretched upwards. Dressed in a white cropped top and a pair of violet gym trousers, Maheep can be seen looking away from the camera while performing the side plank variation.

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In the other picture, Maheep aced the Vrikshasana. The yoga position, also known as the tree pose, is a balancing asana. This is performed by placing one leg on the floor and then placing the other feet upwards near to the thigh. Then the hands are stretched above the head in a Namaskar position. Maheep, in the picture, can be seen acing the position to perfection while looking at the camera. Take a look at Maheep’s side plank and Vrikshasana routine here:

Vrikshasana comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving balance, endurance and alertness. It also helps in developing neuromuscular coordination. Vrikshasana helps in strengthening the legs and opening the hips as well. Side plank, on the other hand, helps in protecting spine and strengthening the core, all the while improving the balance of the body.

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