Nightwing Does Yoga With His New Puppy in Seductive Variant Cover

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Artist David Talaski has shared his variant cover for Nightwing #92 depicting Dick doing a seductive yoga stretch with his adorable puppy Bitewing.

The fan-favorite Nightwing series from DC Comics is once again giving readers all the fan-service they could ever ask for with a gorgeously drawn, and wholesomely sexy variant cover for Nightwing #92. Drawn by David Talaski, the cover shows Dick Grayson doing a yoga pose in nothing but short shorts, with his dog companion Haley encouraging him. Nightwing has long been a heartthrob for fans, and while his personality and values certainly earn him a lot of points, his rippling abs and iconic defined butt have cemented him as DC’s ultimate sex symbol.

Dick Grayson was introduced to readers as Batman’s first ever Robin in 1940’s Detective Comics #38 from Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson, remaining the most well known of all the Robins. But by 1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #44 from Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Dick had grown weary of his childish sidekick role to Batman and become an independent vigilante hero calling himself Nightwing. Over his years as a brave and honorable hero Nightwing has gained the respect of his superhero peers, worked through many of his issues he had with Batman as his father figure, and become a bonafide sex symbol.


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In Tom Taylor’s most recent Infinite Frontier relaunch of Nightwing’s solo title – with art by Bruno Redondo (Injustice, Human Target) and coloring by Adriano Lucas (Aquaman: The Becoming, Batman: Urban Legends) – he has found himself with an immense amount of money left to him by Alfred after his unfortunate death. Having returned to Blüdhaven to defend its streets, Dick has also started a foundation allocating his wealth to the city’s most vulnerable. Dick’s adorable new tripod puppy Haley, also known as Bitewing by fans, was introduced in Nightwing #78 after being save from a group of abusive thugs by Nightwing. Since then Haley has been a huge emotional support for Dick and Barbara, and has also become a favorite addition to Nightwing covers by DC artists.

Dick Grayson grew up as a trapeze artist, the child of two acrobats, and his fighting style as Nightwing involves a lot of jumping around and swinging, so it is no wonder he needs to stretch and do yoga! David Talaski’s variant cover for Nightwing #92 not only shows off Dick’s tremendous assets in his color-matching short shorts… but it also has Haley supporting her owner’s workout and playing with his classic escrima baton. Posting the cover to Twitter Talaski asked his followers, “Anyone else’s dog do this when they stretch? 🐾,” but unfortunately most people who responded agreed that they were NOT paying attention to Haley at all. While Jason Todd has recently attempted to push Grayson out of 1st place for “Hottest Member of the Bat-Family,” this sweaty cover surely places Dick right back on top.

Talaski’s cover is not just about giving fans a chance to ogle at Nightwing doing yoga, it also shows just how dedicated Dick is to staying in tip top shape so he can remain the number one defender of Blüdhaven! For that, fans should be thanking Nightwing for his service. Make sure to head over to David Talaski’s Twitter to see the DC Comics hero Nightwing in all his sexy glory, read fans hilarious comments, and support his other gorgeous artwork.

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