Phase 1 of The Houstonian Club’s big reno gives group exercise a lift

Anke Neustadt

When it comes to getting your sweat on, perhaps you like a heavy hit of style to go with the substance of the workout.

The luxurious Houstonian Club brings both in spades across 175,000 square feet of fitness wonderland. It’s one of only 20 athletic clubs in the nation with Platinum Club status — and it’s right in our Houston backyard.

The first phase of this private luxury health and fitness club’s revolutionary $23.5 million renovation is done and dusted, and that means the group exercise game is hotter than ever with six brand-new themed studios boasting state-of-the-art sound, lighting, surfaces, and storage. Sophisticated lounge areas also give members a place to gather before and after class.

Torch calories together with more than 180 classes a week, featuring options suitable for any athletic level, from beginner to mega-advanced, and all taught by the city’s most elite instructors.

Nearly every hour from sunrise to sunset, you’ll find a heart-pumping list of ways to light up every muscle, including traditional and unique variations on cardio, cycle, strength, barre, HIIT, kickboxing, dance, Pilates, and more.

Specialized classes have also been created by the club’s highly experienced instructors. For example, K.A.R.B. (Killer Abs & Rock Bottoms) will have you beach-confident in no time, Cardioga is a fusion class that lengthens and strengthens, Jump & Pump puts the mini-trampoline in rotation, and VideoSpin is a full-on party on the bike with music videos and more.

The Synergy Studio also offers a variety of innovative small group classes utilizing the Pilates reformer and VersaClimber. The space is dedicated to Kim Kilway, a longtime Houstonian powerhouse instructor who brought the very definition of “synergy” to life, leaving a legacy of musicality and presentation skills that inspire the optimal workout.

Yoga is its own whole experience, too. With 18 different types of practices and classes in this category, yogis will be living the dream. Included in the mix is a new Refine studio, optimized for private yoga and specialty classes, with stall bars, a beautiful nine-station Yoga Wall (one of only a few in Houston!), and five aerial silk stations suspended from the ceiling.

The Houstonian Club’s full renovation is on track for completion by the end of this summer. There are several membership tiers available, but you’ll want to sign up now — initiation fees increase on June 1, 2022. Visit the website or call 713-316-2729 to learn more.

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