Smile by Anointed Nutrition Review: Legit Benefits or Weak Formula

Anke Neustadt

Are you suffering from a sense of sadness, or have you become depressed lately? After people reach middle-age, it is normal to start feeling sad and depressed about everything. They might have the best job; they may live in the best neighborhood, still, somewhere deep inside, they will feel something is missing.

The first thing some people do in such situations is begin praying. They start praying to God and ask him to take away all their sorrows. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

If you can relate to the things mentioned above, there’s no need to feel hopeless or punish yourself. It is not you, everyone including you, deserves happiness.

Over the years, people who suffer from chronic mental depression look wonderful but are slowly dying inside. Furthermore, due to their prolonged sense of depression, they can negatively affect all those around them.

People often look for answers to their sorrows and to share how they feel. No matter how hard it may get, they need to be encouraged to open up, particularly about the thoughts that make them uncomfortable, sad, and insecure.

In recent months, due to the Covid lockdown, many people have experienced mental breakdowns. This is happening more as people cannot meet with their friends and family. As humans, we crave the human bond with our close ones. In its absence, we struggle to function properly.

People who resort to switching to a balanced diet start working out regularly or focus on other things that make them feel good, but for the most part, this doesn’t last long. Life can become tough from time to time, and individuals struggle to figure out the root cause of a problem.

Finally, An Ultimate Solution

A natural plant-based ritual that’s used daily and is proven to be effective on everyone.

Instead of resorting to expensive therapies and medical treatments, this solution uses natural ingredients and is sourced from South Africa.

The edible and natural solution Kanna ingredient comes from the Sceletium tortuosum plant and has been used by the tribesmen for centuries. The fermentation of plant materials is then used to remedy the toughest of sorrows and internal pains. It instantly boosts both the body and the mind and ushers in strong positive energy.

If you are suffering from never-ending sorrow and depression, Kanna is for you. It will restore the joy in your life.

How was Kanna Discovered?

The search for a cure-all ingredient started when trying to heal Jean. She is a mother of a young daughter. One night she overheard her daughter pray to God, saying if she started praying regularly will it take away the pain her mother is in?

Then she described how heartbroken she was and how disappointed she was in herself. She tried her best not to let her inner struggle be known to her daughter. But she failed miserably.

She would wake up every morning and rush to her children’s room. She would greet them with a warm hug and kiss. She tries to play with them and engage with them as much as she can.

However, when her children are playing and laughing, she finds herself overwhelmed by her dark cloud.

Tears would start rolling down her eyes at the wrong moments. She would get up and quickly rush to her bedroom so that her children would not see her crying.

Sometimes she feels like she doesn’t have the energy and willpower to get out of bed and face the world. Her husband offered help, but he has no clue where to start.

With her situation causing her husband a great deal of pain. She holds herself responsible for the pain her husband is going through.

She sought help from a therapist, but they recommended her a generic remedy. It did make her feel a bit better, but it never lasted long. She explained how eating a balanced diet and going out in the sun didn’t help her.

She said she did not know how long she could go on like this. Jean needed help and hope in her eyes again.

Here is a quick summary of what individuals are struggling with:

  • Some stopped finding joy in hobbies that used to keep them upbeat in the past.
  • Some feel devastated and felt worthless and good-for-nothing all the time.
  • Some prefer to stay in bed all day as a defense mechanism for dealing with their life sorrows.
  • Some start crying suddenly and struggle to stop the tears.

Above all, there is one common thread in all of these cases – they have lost hope and believe that they are doomed for the rest of their lives.

The Problem with Feeling Low All the Time

For some people that have been feeling low for months at a time, you struggle to hold your attention and even get through the day without falling to pieces.

You can’t expect to get over feeling this miserable by forcing your mind to think of only the positive things in your life. People need something more than that to break out of the monotony and their misery.

Here is a list of all the things people started doing to help uplift their mood.

Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy is helpful in many instances. For example, if you can’t seem to figure out what is causing you pain, talking to a close friend will help you discover the actual cause of your misery. However, it might have the opposite effect if you are too depressed. In such cases, you might start crying as you speak about your problems.

Balanced Diet

Do you love junk food? If you indulge in junk food too often, it might also be causing you to feel depressed all the time. But, most of the people who came to me adhered to a balanced diet.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for maintaining the bone mass in your body. It also has a significant impact on your overall mood. If you are feeling low, go out in the sun, and it will lift your mood instantly.

However, Jean, and the other people I saw back then, got a good deal of vitamin D each day. Still, they failed to keep an upbeat mood.


According to some experts, exercise is the ultimate solution to lifting your mood. It helps the body produce hormones that are directly linked to happiness. However, for people like Jean, the effects of exercise were temporary.

Searching For Answers

The number one reason why talk therapy fails so often is that not everyone is looking for a partner who would listen to everything they have to say.

But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you, or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”

After studying research articles, the solution- Sceletium TortuoSum was discovered.

This plant is also referred to as Kanna and used by the native tribesmen of South Africa. They would collect the roots and stems of the plant. They would place them out in the open, under the sun to dry.

Before embarking on long hunting sprees, the tribesmen would take a few dry roots of this plant and chew them. It will instantly supply them with happiness, energy, quench their thirst, and satisfy their hunger.

According to a Dutch explorer, the reason why the tribesmen were so upbeat was the regular intake of Kanna.

Even today, Kanna is used by households in South Africa. It helps individuals maintain a positive outlook towards life.

A double-blind study was conducted to understand the effects of Kanna. Half of the recipients were given Kanna, and half were given placebo after participating in a stress-inducing test.

The brains of those who were given Kana were scanned, and the results amazed everyone. It was found that the relative activity of the brain and its anxiety levels dropped significantly after the consumption of Kanna.

In another double-blind test, people were given Kanna before they were asked to give a public speech. It was revealed from the study that people who received Kanna, instead of the placebo, experienced lower physical and psychological stress.

Here are the health benefits of Kanna:

  • Improving cognitive function
  • Those who took Kanna for 3 weeks experienced clarity in their thoughts.
  • Rich source of alkaloids
  • It helps the body recover after an intensive session of workout.
  • Enhances inflammatory response

A responsive Inflammatory process is important for a good and healthy body. As Kanna improves your inflammatory response, you start to experience a good mood. Your body starts to relax, and it calms your mind.

However, no Kanna Supplements are not widely available. And the reason for this is, the human body can only absorb Kanna in certain forms. The Tribesman knew that chewing the roots of Kanna activated the Alkaloids, which was absent in all the mass-produced Kanna Supplements.

That’s the downside of Kanna Supplements, they fail to give any results because of bioavailability. This same reason is why other similar supplements fail to have their effect on the human body.

What is Bioavailability, you may ask?

Bioavailability refers to how easily the bloodstream can absorb a supplement. For a supplement to be effective, it must enter the bloodstream. Even if you take a supplement based on a proven formula, there is very little chance that it will be effective unless the bloodstream fully absorbs it; take a supplement by IV, then it has a 100% effective rate. On the other hand, if you take a supplement in the form of a pill or a capsule, it isn’t easily absorbed by the bloodstream.

When taking a supplement, it finds its way to your stomach, where much of it is destroyed by the acids that help your stomach digest food. Some of it also passes through your bowels and exists in your body for good.

According to another research, whether or not the bloodstream will absorb a supplement is based on its size. It is important because, unless the particles of the supplement can pass through your blood vessels and the cellular walls, it will not affect your body.

For instance, the atoms of Curcumin, the primary ingredient in turmeric, are relatively larger than the gaps in the human cellular walls. This is why only 5% of Curcumin finds its way into the bloodstream..

Kanna can only be activated by saliva. This is why you must chew it.

How can Nanotechnology Help?

Mark almost gave up until he finally discovered a paper on the topic. He received mentorship from two MIT researchers, and finally realized the applications of Nano Technology in Manufacturing.

In short, NanoTechnology refers to the science of shrinking things down. Nano Technology is nothing new. For decades now, it has been used in the IT sector for manufacturing smaller silica chips that go into virtually every tech gadget. Another application of NanoTechnology is in the industrial paint sector, where it is used to produce stronger and more durable paint.

Good news for us all. NanoTechnology is now being used to replicate large particles such as Curcumin and make nanometer-sized variants. To put it in perspective, human hair is about 80,000 nanometers.


Nanometer-sized Particles Are Great at Passing Through Human Cells

As mentioned above, using Nanotechnology, scientists can break down nutrients that aren’t easily absorbed by the human body, and transform them into nanoparticles. Scientists are using Nanoceuticals for this process.

However, despite being small, these particles must be in liquid form for the human body to successfully absorb them. Remember why Kanna Supplements were failing? It was because they came in pills. For Kanna to work, it must be chewed so that it comes into direct contact with the human saliva.

Not only Kanna, and Curcumin, using Nanotechnology, we can shrink almost any nutrient and make it easier for the body to absorb them.

Just imagine how great the Nanoceuticals technology can be for those of us who struggle every morning to get out of bed. Finally, God has shown us the way to help those who are drowning in the ocean of sadness; who are struggling to stay afloat.

What is Anointed Nutrition?

And this is where Anointed Nutrition comes into play. After learning about the magical effects of Nanoceuticals.

Anointed Nutrition aims to develop the best Kanna formula out there. For this formula to be effective, they combined Kanna with some other ingredients that will enhance Kanna’s healing effects. And after months of research, finally they discovered what they had been looking for.

We worked with the MIT researchers that wrote the research paper in the first place, and with their help, we were able to formulate the most effective nano form of the three ingredients that go into our formula.

The name of the final product is Anointed Smile. It uses only the best ingredients and has been tested multiple times by different third parties to ensure it aligns with the health and safety standards.

It helps with a bad mood.

It immediately restores excitement in your life.

It will eliminate your sorrows, and teach you to smile again from your heart.

After you start using the Anointed Smile supplement, you will feel your Black Clouds parting ways. And soon, the sun will come out.

Anointed Smile comes in a liquid tincture form that does not have a bad smell or any texture. You simply take this liquid and place a few drops of it under your tongue. Unlike other Kanna supplements in the market, Anointed Smile is easy for the human body to absorb. Furthermore, it gets absorbed by the bloodstream directly instead of first being digested by the stomach.

After regular use, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Your sorrows will be replaced with joy.
  • You will soon find joy in pursuing your hobbies.
  • You will not struggle at all to meeting deadlines, and getting things done from your to-do list.
  • You will get up in the morning with full energy.
  • And most importantly, people with who you interact daily will notice the difference in you within just a few days.

As soon as we were done developing the formula for the Anointed Smile supplement, and getting it tested and verified, I gave it to Jane. And you know what she said after using it for only a few days.

Jane called me one day and said, “I just had to tell you how grateful I am”.

She continued saying, “I thank God for bringing Smile into my life.”

You can understand why she was so delighted. After years of being depressed, and upset with life, she was finally happy.

She would wake up every day and strive to achieve her goals. She started spending more time with her daughter Mary. The fact that her daughter would now feel happy whenever she is around made her want to live. And as far as her husband’s reaction is concerned, he was excited to see his wife beaming with joy.

At first, he didn’t believe that only a few drops of Smile had such groundbreaking effects on her.

What are the Anointed Smile ingredients?

What makes Smile so effective? How does this supplement succeed where thousands of others have failed?

Well, we put a lot of effort into coming up with the best formula for our Kanna supplement. Also, our supplement uses two other ingredients – one helps reduce stress, and the other helps uplift the mood.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

The first ingredient that goes into Smile is Palmitoylethanolamide. This fatty acid is linked with good mode. The human body naturally produces these fatty acids to help keep the human body’s natural inflammatory response in check and eradicate stress.

PEA works with different receptors in the body. One such receptor is the Anandamide, which is also referred to as the Runner’s High.

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Do you work out? Then you must be familiar with the unparalleled feeling of joy, and pleasure after you finish a round of the intensive workout. You feel no pain, and you feel happy. If you are wondering what causes this, well this is where Anandamide comes into play.

Sadly, this hormone lasts only for a few hours. Also, as we age, our body stops producing PEA. And as a result, your Runner’s High will start to shrink in duration.

This is exactly why Smile comes with PEA. This formula helps your body retain high levels of Anandamide, thus boosting your Runner’s High. Our supplement also helps in reducing pain in your body.

There are many PEA supplements in the market, but almost all of them fail to give you the best results. This is because they come in pills, instead of Nanoceuticals that are easier for the body to absorb. When you consume a liquid Smile, the PEA travels straight to your cells.

Lithium Orotate

The next ingredient that goes into the Smile formula is Lithium Orotate. This chemical compound is necessary for good mental health and your overall well being.

This chemical was present in the soils and the natural drinking water. However, over the years, the levels of Lithium Orotate in our water have declined. This is why you cannot rely on drinking a lot of freshwater for your required dosage of Lithium Orotate.

As far as its benefits are concerned, this chemical helps us retain a good mood and also helps us find peace in our day-to-day lives.

Other benefits of this chemical include slower aging, and a healthy brain.

How to Order Anointed Smile

Sadly, batches of Smile go out of stock pretty quickly. So, if you want to place an order you should do it fast.

Unlike other Supplements, Smile does not store your credit card information and renew your subscription without asking for your approval. We will send you a second batch of smiles only if you renew your order with us.

Currently, there are three different pricing plans for Anointed Smile.

  • Good Value – 1 Bottle – $69.97
  • Great Value – 3 Bottles – $149.91
  • Best Value – 6 bottles – $239.82

The Good Value package will last for 30 days. The Great Value package comes with a supply for 90 days, and lastly, the Best Value Package comes with a 180-days supply.

After you confirm your order, you can expect your parcel to arrive within 5-7 business days. The package comes with the Smile bottles and a dropper. Take out a bottle, take off the lid, and pull out a few drops using the dropper.

Now take the dropper inside your mouth, and place only a few drops under your tongue. Remember, Smile is a completely odorless liquid.


Contact Details

If you have any further queries, you can reach out to the Smile team using the following contact details-

  • Company Address: #3 17th Ave S. Nampa Idaho 83651
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (888) 478-4777

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Smile by Anointed Nutrition Review: Legit Benefits or Weak Formula

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