The Anti-Aging Concealer Trick Every Woman Should Be Trying For An Instant Facelift

Anke Neustadt

While contour is often lauded as the most effective way to alter the appearance of your face, well applied concealer is actually just as useful in creating a natural lift as well. The most common location to apply concealer to is under the eyes in order to masquerade puffiness and dark circles, but there are other areas that, when well blended, can highlight and enhance your complexion for the illusion of a face lift without actually going under the knife. We spoke with celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa who outlined her top tips for using concealer as an anti-aging tool to support your natural beauty and play into your more youthful side.

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Blend Upwards From The Outer Corner Of Your Eyes

Concealer is best utilized as an “as needed” product, which can help to hide dark shadows on your complexion that may be making you look older than you would like. However, Figueroa explains that blending a light concealer from the outer corners of your eyes upwards to your temples can help to create a lifted look that will take years off of your appearance. “A quick tip is to take some of the concealer left on your brush and swipe it from the outer corner of your eyes to your temples for an instant eye lift,” she explains. “I love to use a brightening concealer shade like the PUR Cosmetics 4-in-1 Sculping Concealer for this trick.”

A creamy formula will allow for the product to effortlessly blend into your skin, and if you first apply concealer under your eyes and on any redness or blemishes, using the leftover product to highlight your temples will give you a natural facelift without going overboard on product. “This makes you look younger by creating a light and lifted effect to the eyes area. I love to call this an instant eye lift technique without the surgery,” adds Figueroa. It’s easy to be too heavy handed with your product, particularly if you’re aiming to hide crow’s feet and fine lines as well, but a gentler touch and less concealer will help you avoid that cakey look that can quickly increase how old you look.




Figueroa also explains that if you don’t have dark contour at your disposal, your concealer can work to create a lifted look around your cheekbones when applied below bronzer to emphasize the definition in your cheeks. “You can also create lift by applying to the brow bone as well,” she says. Essentially using concealer where you would apply highlighter to draw attention to the high points of your face will naturally create more angles, allowing you to look younger and fresher without harsh lines of contour. “Before applying concealer, always reach for a hydrating eye cream or even under eye patches to plump up and prep the skin. This will help the concealer go on smoother and last longer,” Figueroa adds.

As for what not to do with your concealer if you’re hoping to look younger, layering your product with a heavy powder will only mattify your face to an extreme that will eliminate any natural glow from your skin. Keeping concealer to a minimum and not overdoing it with product will also effortlessly enhance your appearance without ever looking heavy-handed, so being intentional with your application is essential to using your concealer as an anti-aging tool. By working with the high points of your face, your concealer can aid in creating a sculpted and lifted look that will snatch your face without ever getting any real work done. 



The Anti-Aging Concealer Trick Every Woman Should Be Trying For An Instant Facelift

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