This $20 Trio of Serums Has Over 38,000 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Anke Neustadt

Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think? Check out the following rave reviews. 

“At 68-years-old I can testify that I am an experienced skin care shopper. I purchased many expensive facial skin brands. I also tried ‘all natural’ unknown brands online and inexpensive drugstore-sold facial creams. I have never found a skincare line in the likes of Tree of Life. Tree of Life serums deliver what they promise. My skin has never looked this beautiful since before I began my menopausal years. My pores are shrinking, and my wrinkles are gently smoothing out. It is by far the very best skincare line on the market. My two daughters who are young moms have begun using Tree of Life products and several of my ‘mature’ friends have begun using this line as well. I suggest you begin with the Anti-Aging Serum Combo Pack and go from there. You will notice a significant improvement within just a couple of weeks.”

“One week in and WOW! I’m 32 with and I’ve battled acne and redness since about I was about 20. I did monthly facials and bought a very expensive line of vitamin c serums, moisturizers, etc. One year later, I quit the products and the facials because I honestly couldn’t see a difference. On a whim I ordered these serums. OMG! I have never had softer, clearer, smoother skin, and I’ve only been using them a week. My skin looks better this week than it has since my teens. I barely get acne anymore and when I do cheat and eat a bunch of dairy, these make my skin clear from the inevitable outbreak at least twice as fast. I think is the one of the best lines I have used on my skin. My skin is younger looking and much less red. I am very happy with these!”

“Tree of Life products work better for me, and will save me at least $1000 a year. I’m truthfully more satisfied with these simple products than I was with some brands I bought at department stores that cost me a minimum of ten times as much. I would suggest that anyone who feels even a twinge when spending what they do, give this a try. I won’t go back.”

“I’m so happy with this product! Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol are the perfect combination for skin health. I’ve done extensive research and these ingredients are always the base of much more expensive facial care products. For $20 my skin is looking the best it has in my life. The retinol helps with my acne, the vitamin C is brightening and evening my skin tone, and the hyaluronic acid calms my inflammation and moisturizes. Seriously everything you need in one kit for so cheap!”

“I started using this product two weeks ago and I can officially admit that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me! Within the first week I was already noticing differences in the texture and brightness of my skin. After two weeks, my skin feels so much softer, more supple, brighter, clearer and smoother! I love waking up with a flawless glow and I’m so excited to see what other wonders these products do for my skin.”

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