Tristan Burmin: Meeting Greeks and the Future at Biowaves in Miami

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Fancy meeting your fellow Greeks and Europeans in Miami?

Biowaves is the place to go – a boutique all-inclusive health and fitness center in the heart of Miami for people with high demands and great expectations.

Their fitness program is based on EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), which is a new way to work out without having to spend hours in the gym. Just one or two 20-minute sessions a week (to allow time for your muscles to repair and recoup before your next session) is all it takes for a well-toned body. It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out.

After just one month, you can expect to start seeing more muscle definition, loss of fat, and feel stronger and leaner. This technology accelerates your metabolism by burning 1000 calories in a 20-minute session (since you continue to burn for another 72 hours, there is also the ‘afterburn-effect’) and helps you build muscle much faster while simultaneously losing body fat.

EMS training helps eliminate toxins, stimulates blood flow, and increases collagen production. It strengthens each muscle fiber from the inside with unparalleled precision and targets muscle fibers at 80 contractions per second.

Antony Papageorgiou is the President of Pure Marine Solutions and Vice President of special projects of the Healthway Family of Brands, a Pulaski, NY-based global leader in the wellness-air purification industry.

Ian Lee and Vasila Queen – BIOWAVES 2021.

The National Herald: Antony Papageorgiou, you have been a regular at Biowaves for over a year.

Antony Papageorgiou: Dear Catherina, thank you very much for the opportunity to share with you and your readers my personal experience with Biowaves. The beginning of last year found me dealing with the painful tail end of a significant relationship. I had neither worked out in a while nor had the time to focus on my nutrition. In a nutshell, I needed to look in the mirror and decide right away on a recalibration plan, as I named it.

Without getting into details, I managed to lose in a very healthy and organic way quite a bit of weight in just three months. Although I took pride in my accomplishment, I also felt an urgent need to work on my body definition and tighten up certain areas of my body that the significant weight loss had impacted. Since I had never been a ‘gym rat’, I started soliciting fitness recommendations from friends in the United States and overseas. To my surprise, the best tip came from a childhood friend in Athens, Greece! He was in the same middle-age group as me and had been using the same cutting-edge EMS technology that Biowaves uses for three years. When he sent me a picture of himself in the gym, it all clicked. Unbeknownst to him, he became my role model. He was so kind even to look up locations in Southern Florida offering the same fitness experience.

The next thing I knew, I connected with Tristan on the phone and arranged for a complimentary session to try out this incredible fitness technology. After getting my detailed body analysis printed out, the magic began! The session lasted only 20 minutes and was full body training. I was so impressed that when they asked me if I had any questions, I replied “Yes!” right away. My question was, how come they had not already been flooded with business. The very logical answer was that the Biowaves technology had been introduced to the United States only recently. Therefore, it had not hit the radar screen of most people.

A year after my first exposure to Biowaves, I look and feel great, like I used to feel twenty years ago. My self-esteem, confidence, and energy level all have improved dramatically due to optimizing my blood circulation. I owe Tristan Burmin and his team a lot for my highly effective recalibration and would gladly recommend their fitness technology to your readers.”

Antony Papageorgiou Client – BIOWAVES 2020.

TNH: Tristan, you are the owner of Biowaves. How did you come into this concept?

Tristan Burmin: I have been designing and integrating advanced technologies into the DNA of Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. At British Aerospace, we developed bone conduction technology for pilots over 20 years ago. I worked on designing software for temperature sensors, body position sensors, balance sensors, and blood acidity sensors for Johnson & Johnson and Merck Pharmaceuticals. The list goes on and on. Since returning to the States five years ago, my mind has been preoccupied with preventing illness. I realized that modern fitness introduces a range of health risks leading to serious injuries and disorders commonly observed in seemingly athletic, healthy adults. This is how the concept of Bioelectric Fitness came about. We have been using new types of exercise technology while relying on real-time analytics to monitor individuals’ responses to training. The results have been mind-blowing.

TNH: What is your background?

TB: I am a technologist and health and wellness professional with degrees in engineering, technology, and medical sciences from New York University, Polytechnic University, and Harvard University.

Tristan Burmin – BIOWAVES 2019.

TNH: What exactly do you provide?

TB: The leading service is Bioelectric Fitness Training, which uses bi-polar microcurrent Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation from Miha Bodytec, combined with proprietary movement protocols, diagnostics, and nutrition optimization. Our facilities provide a platform for practicing and learning this new form of exercise.

TNH: True health and beauty come from the inside out – explain that to us.

TB: This is not a new paradigm. We realize that one’s physique is a manifestation of physical health. Our success is rooted in our ability to optimize training and recovery. Training is based on the information derived from in-house diagnostics and physiological tests. Simultaneously, the training minimizes external resistance while training the muscle from inside using the EMS precision targeting system, building a muscle fiber at a time.

TNH: Your clients are mainly Europeans; why is that? How popular is EMS in the United States?

TB: Brazil, Germany, France, and most developed countries have adopted EMS training with thousands of fitness, physical rehabilitation centers, and mobile coaching establishments such as Body Street and Biowaves. With the recent FDA approval, EMS technology is now available to the U.S. consumer. Our responsibility is to ensure this new technology is used safely and effectively. Functional EMS is still an evolving sector. I believe it has a great potential for changing the quality of life for patients with various physiological disorders.

Lee Wiseman, Tristan Burman, Suzanna Antony and Marco Maldo – BIOWAVES 2020.

TNH: How does Darwinian Evolution illustrate the future you are describing?

TB: Technology is gradually finding its way into the human body. It is evident to most. The only question is to what extent and how fast will humans transition into a hybrid functional state where our bodies can be upgraded and enhanced.

TNH: You have very competitive prices. What is your message to National Herald readers?

TB: Our goal is to make this type of fitness convenient and accessible, allowing clients to plug in on-the-go without breaking the bank.




Tristan Burmin: Meeting Greeks and the Future at Biowaves in Miami

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